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HS Summer 2021 Update

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Summer is fast approaching! During summer, students are not provided hot breakfasts/lunches every day. We are planning to deliver hot meals to those families who live in motels/cars and cannot cook hot food for themselves on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from June 14th – August 20th. A sign-up sheet will be sent around June 2nd.

We are collecting $25 gift cards to Publix and Walmart, so that on in-between days, the families can go buy a hot meal. We are also collecting $25 gas gift cards that will be closely monitored. We want to have access to gas cards for families who need funds to get themselves to-from work. We are actively working on ways to permanently improve their lives, and providing a way to and from work is a very necessary step. Especially in the summer, all of the students in the homeless program have summer jobs lined up already.

We are also collecting frozen meals. Now, you can make a tray of whatever you like and freeze it (cooked), OR for those of you like me who just do not cook, frozen meals from Costco or BJ’s are also great donations! Think frozen lasagnas or Stouffers. We will be able to heat them up before handing them over to the families who can’t cook. We’re hoping this could be a great thing to supplement days when we are not providing the hot meals.

Finally, we need plain, black crewneck sweatshirts. We are using them as a fundraising tool; anyone with access to lower-cost plain, black crewneck sweatshirts, please send an email to Christina.

As always, we need pantry items. Use the attached PDF to shop for goods. They can be brought to 9000 SW 152 Street, Suite 106, Palmetto Bay. If you have a car full of goods, please contact Christina before heading straight to the address above.

High School Donations List 05.20.2021
Download PD • 147KB

Monetary donations can be given on our GoFundMe page or a check can be written out to "Perrine-Cutler Ridge Rotary Foundation Inc."

Goods can also be purchased on our Amazon Wishlist; all items will be sent to Christina's office.

Remember! Shop through Amazon Smile ( to donate money to your charity of choice! Christina's charity is the local animal shelter, Paws 4 You. Ayana's charity is Advancing Sickle Cell Advocacy Project Inc.

Send Christina an email if you have a question.

Service Above Self.

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