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Rotary Club of Perrine-Cutler Ridge/Palmetto Bay

     Our club was founded on April 28th 1960! We are entrepreneurs/business owners, health care professionals, consultants, financial advisers, insurance agent, airline pilot, real estate agents/property managers, attorneys, retired commercial airline pilot, retired U.S. armed services individuals and retired public service executives.

     Our Rotary Club has provided over $250,000 in scholarships to local students, support a Food Pantry, provide Meals for the homeless, school supplies, Thanksgiving Food Baskets, Holiday Gifts, support a local After School Program, provide funds for water wells around the world, raise funds for Polio Eradication Programs, and so much more! We meet during the first 3 Tuesdays of each month. The first Tuesday we meet (beginning at 5:30 p.m.) for dinner at the Golden Rule Seafood Restaurant located at 17505 S. Dixie Highway in Miami. The second and third Tuesdays we meet for lunch (beginning at noon) at The Feller Room in Ludovici Park located at 17641 Old Cutler Road in Palmetto Bay. Our meetings typically last for one hour. About half our membership is comprised of women and more than half are members of minorities (Blacks, Hispanics, and other ethnic groups). Our Club strongly subscribes to many principals, including diversity, equity, and inclusion.

"Service Above Self"

About Us

 What is Rotary?

     Rotary is the World’s largest non-governmental and non-religious service organization of volunteers. There are approximately 1.4 million Rotarians in the World and over 46,000 Rotary Clubs. Rotary Clubs are found in almost every country and major city of the World. Rotarians provide service designed to improve the world. We particularly provide service to people who are less fortunate and in need. We also volunteer to provide service to local communities, and to international projects. Rotarians also promote ethical service in all professions. Rotary initiated the efforts to Eradicate Polio around the world and was joined by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, WHO, and others in our efforts! Because of our efforts, Polio, one of the World’s most feared diseases, has been almost completely eradicated. More than 2.5 Billion people have been vaccinated against this dreaded disease through the efforts of Rotarians. And today, due to these efforts there are only two countries left, Pakistan and Afghanistan that still have this disease but with fewer than 20 cases! Rotary supports programs to support Environmental Efforts, Empower The Girl Programs, Promote Peace, Save Mothers & Children, Provide Clean Water, Support Education, and support the Growth of Local Economies, among other activities. 100% of all money donated to Rotary ultimately goes to the cause for which it is intended. Rotarians are all volunteers. When money is donated to Rotary it is invested for 3 years by the Rotary Foundation. A small portion of the interest earned during the invested 3 years is used to pay overhead costs. Then, after the 3 years all of the original money donated is invested in the cause for which it was intended. The Rotary Foundation has received a Four Stars Rating, the highest rating which is achieved by only 1 percent of all non-profits, from Charity Navigator for 14 straight years – the only non-profit in the world with this recognition!


The Rotary Club of Perrine-Cutler Ridge/Palmetto Bay (PCRPB) 

     Being a member of the Rotary Club of PCRPB provides you the satisfaction that comes from serving others who are less fortunate. Helping people who are less fortunate reminds us how fortunate we are to be in a position to help others. Also, the friendships that are made with like-minded persons enrich our lives. Furthermore, there is pride and honor of being a member of one of the World’s most respected organizations. Rotary’s motto “Service Above Self” defines the primary reason people belong to Rotary.

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