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Program Spotlight


Interact Clubs in High schools are an extension of Rotary. Our club sponsors two Interact Clubs.

The clubs have participated it the following areas:

  • Toy Drives during the holidays

  • Outdoor Cleanups Beach and parks

  • Charity fundraisers

  • Halloween parties for nursery school children

  • Planting Trees

  • Collecting soap and toiletries for needy people

  • Collecting all kinds of socks (given to nursing homes)

  • Food drives

Ryla Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

We had 5 students who were Interact members attend.
Participants were able to hone leadership skills and foster new connections.
These students now aspire to be counselors in the next Ryla Program.

Scholarship Programs

We have given many scholarships to students over many year

One student attended American University then went for her masters at Georgetown
Is living in Virginia and has a an excellent position with a philanthropic organization
Another student attend University of Central Florida, is currently a CPA working for one of the major
consulting firms

Two students went to Miami Dade and received their BSN’s and have excellent positions in hospitals

One student who was valedictorian from his HS graduated in 2 ½ years and will be attending law school
this year His undergrad was at University of Florida

Another student went to Florida Gold Coast University , graduated in 3 years and is currently in his last
year of law school

This year a student graduated from FSU and is now attending Graduate school at FSU and is in the
Doctoral Program for Psychology

All of these students maintained excellent GPA’s well above 3.0

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